Helpful Websites to Make YourSelf Smarter

10 Helpful Websites to Make Your Self Smarter

If you’re to make yourself smarter, you’re in good company! Many people are learning Ways to increase and improve emotional functioning. The analysis is still being developed, but basic to make you smarter are easy to access. Try doing simple activities that have been Connect to improvements in emotional function.  Bettering your memory will help you access your intelligence, and developing healthy living habits will help protect the brain from age- related Emotional loss.

It’s almost incredible that in this day and age almost everyone is relocated around a library of

details provided below that how these websites which are helpful to us to become smarter.

Helpful websites which make you smarter


Want to test your writing ability? Prove your programming skills? Show people that you’re an excel genius? Using Smarter, you can take tests that provide you with an ’Eligibility’ that you can show to employers when they need proof of your abilities.


Treehouse basically has something for everyone. From web development to entrepreneurial tips, you’ll never come away from treehouse without having learned something. The only downside is that it costs at least $25 a month after the free trial, but investing in your education is never a bad idea.

Project Gutenberg:

Don’t have the time or money to read a book, but still manage to sit and read on the internet for an obscene amount of time every day? No more excuses, Project Gutenberg is a catalog of books that you can read, online, right now, without cost. Get reading!

Open Culture:

A vast compendium of educational resources, on literally hundreds of different topics. From online course to Ebooks, you can find it all on Open culture. It’s one of the only websites you’ll ever need on education.

Above Top Secret:

Alternatively, news sources are a worth of information, if you can get past the bias. don’t limit yourself to seeing the worldly events from a single perspective, explore other option. Check out the sources, draw your own conclusion.

Creative Live:

Classes streamed live. Some cost, others are free, but all are worth watching! These aren’t your average classes either, they’re really practical classes that will give you real usable skills. (There’s even a section for those looking to make more money!)

Future Learn:

Future Learn is a site that offers free courses, in categories such as Law, Psychology, Teaching and much more. Partnered with some of the finest universities that the UK has to offer, you can be guaranteed that the content of the course will always be high quality.

Divine Society:

A site similar to above top secret, where a multitude of interesting, article all over the web are posted. Everything from politics to religion is covered here, so it’s worth exploring a few of the article they have to offer. So there you have it, 10sites that will you make you smarter in a variety of ways. If you have any that you think to belong on this list, don’t be afraid to share them, in the comments below.

University of Reddit:

You’ve probably heard of Reddit, but have you heard Reddit created a new site where Redditors could teach each other? Beautiful much any subject you can think of is covered here, because they’re all people just like you, teaching what they know!

Hack A Day:

The name says it all. Every day a new hack is posted, with topics varying from things like fixing faulty apple chargers to learning to build movie props-  you can find it all here. Good for those who like to dabble in a multitude of craft!

Do it Yourself:

Do it yourself you an overwhelming amount of free DIY projects that you can do, in a simple and easy to read format. It’s time to become the handyman or – woman that you’ve always dreamed of being!


Community driven step-by-step instructions on how to do beautiful much’s hopeless to have a look on Instructables without coming away having learned how to do something new and useful. Check it out, it won’t disappoint.


EdX, a collaborative project of Harvard University and MIT, provides free online courses and classes from the world’s best universities and other institutions.


Investopedia is a premiere resource for investing and personal finance education, market analysis, and trading simulators. Access free educational content and tools.

Brain Pickings:

Brain Pickings has interesting posts drawn from art, science, design, history, and philosophy.


99U’s actionable insights on productivity, organization, and leadership help creative people push ideas forward.


Lynda has thousands of video tutorials covering technical, creative, and business skills, all taught by industry experts.


Improve your skills and knowledge with the above websites, all while you browse the internet. Make better use of your time and invest in your growth by possessing skills.

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