How Facebook Algorithm Change Will Affect Your Business

The Facebook algorithm was changed earlier this year to make the user experience meaningful. This change focused on authentic quality posts instead of engagement bait posts by businesses such as Comment to be a Part of the Giveaway or Tag that Friend.

This update can still mean that you thrive on social media, especially Facebook. The new algorithm does not by any means want businesses excluded from the newsfeed but wants to keep relevant content on a user’s newsfeed. The social media company is currently focusing on how people interact on social media with those who matter to them.

Here is what it means for your business.

What Happens to the Newsfeed

Facebook users reported that business posts are preferred over personal posts – i.e. posts about family, personal experiences, and friends. The company has decided that it will regulate the type of content that shows up on one’s newsfeed where authentic and social content takes priority. This is where businesses need to step up and craft online strategies for more meaningful interactions with their digital audience.

What Does the Shift Mean for Brand Marketers?

Gone are the days of organic reach. Today, Facebook is a pay to play platform. Even though it is the best social media platform businesses use for their audiences, marketers are tasked to produce meaningful ways to communicate their message, instead of using the engagement bait.

According to the online tool SumoRank, businesses such as Refinery 29, and Upworthy are now experiencing drops in their monthly interactions. Their strategy should now incorporate authentic tactics and ditch the old engagement bait. As a marketer, you can always discuss your expected engagement drop with your team so that you can devise and put into play a whole new strategy which would be beneficial to your businesses goals.

Another change that the update has brought about is the way reach is measured. Every time someone logs onto their Facebook account their newsfeed shows around 250 posts. Before the update, 250 posts were the reach, even if you logged on and never scrolled down to read each one of them. Now the reach is measured only if a person scrolls through, stops and reads a post.

It’s Important for businesses and marketers to understand that their reach numbers will definitely drop even after the new strategy. You must understand that the numbers you used to see before the update were inflated. This is actually good for you to plan future strategies and the algorithm change gives you more accurate engagement and impression numbers.

What Should Brands Focus On?

We have already established the importance of quality posts on Facebook. Instead of focusing on the number of posts each month one must focus on content that really resonates with your target market organically. Remember that too many advertisements are a huge turnoff. That’s right. Having a hardcore advertisement oriented approach doesn’t work for mobile apps and social pages.

You want more followers, a call to action to tag or add a friend to a group can get lost under the carpet of better posts that Facebook will prioritize. So the best way for this to work would be for example exploring video options.

Videos on Facebook

With interactive and quality videos in your social media strategy, your reach will automatically return to a stable measure. If you think you are better able to communicate in more words, switch to a quality five-second clip.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are enjoyed and sought out by everyone who uses Facebook, which means they are used by more than a billion over the world. Groups have become an essential element of every social media user’s experience online and within the community. Lying within these groups are topics that offer real interaction and conversations that give insight into what people really care about. As a marketer targeting suitable groups is a great way to gather data on what your audience really engages in.

Thoughtful Messages

The algorithm is pushing brands to craft their communication so carefully that the audience naturally would want to start a conversation. Keeping this in mind, a good strategy should include relevant topics posted at the right times throughout the day, questions that generate feedback, and thoughts that you know your target audience will definitely have an opinion on.

For example, White Duck Outdoors a company dealing in eco-friendly canvas tents puts up striking photographs from different adventures on their Facebook profile. The strategic imagery relevant to their brand is excellent to engage conversation and compel the audience to like and share the posts.

The right way to communicate on social is to inspire audiences. Social media strategies cannot be one size fits all, every brand must single out what works to remind their audiences of their business.

The great thing about the algorithm update is now your business will filter out quality leads. Just remember to target your ads to the correct audiences. Do not make the mistake of increasing your budget to see a significant difference, Facebook is here for quality over quantity and it is about time.

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