How To Be A Successful Intrapreneur

How To Be A Successful Intrapreneur

Thinking like Intrapreneur?

The definition of an Intrapreneur is that the individual acts, thoughts, and works as an entrepreneur within the limits of a company. Intrapreneurs play a very important role in every company to continue to innovate and stay relevant market.

  1. You could hide your entrepreneurial nature by showing up each day and do the minimal amount of work required of you. Over time the frustration would creep in.
  2. You could leave your job to start your own business and face the challenges of not enough money, support or know-how to launch a business. According to Statistic Brain’s 2015 research, 50% of all startups fail by the 4th
  3. You could leave your job in search of another job that supports innovation and entrepreneurial individuals like yourself. Facing the unknown of how long you will be unemployed.
  4. You could use your entrepreneurial nature by look for ways to innovate within the company you are already with.

Finding ways to innovation within your current employment might be easier than you think. If you can wear these 5 hats while at work.

#1. Be a Navigator

It’s important to have great knowledge of the company you work for. The more you know about the internal and external workings of the company, the easier it will be to find innovative ways to improve what already exists.

Your knowledge base should include processes, products, and people throughout the organization not just within your department.

#2. Be a Visionary within the Organization

Being able to visualize the outcome of improvement and explain it to others is a valuable skill. If you will want others to become as passionate about the new venture as you, they will need to understand your vision just as clearly as you see it in your mind.

Your vision should be accepted by the core team of the organization and you should be able to form a plan to see the venture come to life.

#3. Be a center point and an action taker

A lot of people will complain about what isn’t working. A lot of people will talk about fixing it. But very few will take action to change it. This is where Intrapreneurs thrive. It’s up to you to see the innovation through the process from idea to reality.

Putting this plan into action can be overwhelming only if you let it. Along the way, set milestones or goals to reach to make sure everyone is staying on task. Just remember, some people fail because they give up the first-moment things get tough but that’s not you.

#4. Be a perfect negotiator

In order to see your idea become a reality, you must get the buy-in from many individuals at your company from C-Suite executives to co-works who could be on the execution team.

You must learn how to show the other person how their needs will be met. When they can see what’s in it for them, you both win.

#5. Be act as a leader

The key to your success is having the ability to build trust and respect with your colleagues with your work environment.

You have to keep your ego aside. If your idea has to come to into picture with help of your people without their idea your plan doesn’t work out.

Listen to and collaborate with those who believe your idea.

#6. Persevering through the process

Every success story includes elements of failures and determination. You have to balance launching a project or service at your company with your current job description.

Sometimes you become tired and frustrated but keep that expression away from you don’t let them come into the picture. it can help you push through the rough times.

“Never give up. It’s like breathing—once you quit, your flame dies to let total darkness extinguish every last gasp of hope. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start where you left off.

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