How To Be An Excellent Manager Without Being Bossy

How To Be An Excellent Manager Without Being Bossy

All are leaders in the world in some way or the other. If you consider the business we lead our business, divisions, and projects. If we consider in the profession we lead clients and the sometimes colleagues. There is small difference being a boss and being a leader. If we are bossy juniors often find annoying and feel losing their self-respect. There are the people who excuse their positional powers over the juniors and employees. It doesn’t always result well. People often feel that being authoritarian brings out best of the employees but it does not always happen.

There are some of the qualities that make you excellent manager without being bossy

  1.  Begin with the small things:

Let’s give off the thinks that make you look that you are powerful for example: – having the most comfortable seat in office though you are not using it because of the back pain etc.If anyone can use that thing in a better way than you give it to that concerned person.

Using the best thing doesn’t make you boss but an attitude does. If you give away these things in the interest of the staff that makes you are on the way to becoming a good manager.

  1.  Say Thank you:

If someone does any good for you then say thank you for them. It may be personal or it may be in the phone. Being a boss doesn’t mean that give up the old mannerisms of saying thank you and please. It is not an authority of ignoring the basic decency.Don’t be rude to anyone rather be a role model for others.

  1. Mind your voice:

People are sometimes not bossy but their body language makes it look like that. You might be doing that without knowing that. You need to give your high pitch voice to show that your authority. Generally, your breathing processes impact your situations. When you are stressed, it becomes difficult to take proper breathe and without our knowledge, we communicate speedily and quickly. In such situations take long breathe to your stomach and start the conversation.

  1.  Do away with the preconceived notions of bossiness:

Some adults carry few beliefs of being bossy as they are learned some way or the other from the childhood. Everyone could realize the difference between the normal discipline and the dominated attitude. Never be arrogant because they are also human beings like. Do not behave like a monarch.

  1.  Give credit where due:

People who seem bossy are often seen to be more focused on their ideas, outcomes and they usually ignore to credit the contribution of other people in that work. Make an effort to acknowledge the contribution made by the others a praise them. This good work will go long in making you the excellent manager.

  1.  Give them autonomy:

People who are bossy often over control and tries to manage from the micro level. This results in insecurity and threatens the confidence and trust of the others. In order to counter it makes effort to take the working style of the others into consideration. Do not stop others taking them lead on projects when appropriate, it gives them the feel of ownership about the situation.

  1.  Give chance to other ideas:

It is a natural phenomenon that every person will prefer their ideas. Sometimes ideas of other will give much more good result than others. So, next time take into consideration of the ideas given by others, give it a serious thought. Learning to adopt with ideas of others is an essential manager skill.

  1.  Practice active listening:

People often think that listening and hearing both are same but they are not so. We generally hear rather than listen. Listening is concentrating what the speaker says. A simple way to a shoe that you listening actively is asking questions in between and as follow up. A good manager always adopt this will make the staff more approachable.

  1.  Show sympathy when people come out with an issue:

When people come to you with a problem, pay attention towards them by putting aside all the work like turning off the phone, taking your eyes away from the computer etc.If they come to you that you could support them so, pay attention towards them and try to solve the issue.

  1.  Don't use the threat as a weapon:

Threatening to fire to someone to make them act professionally is not the correct way. Some people have the habit of threatening the people to make the person to do the work right. However, this should come on the serious cause only. Try to deal with the issue in a diplomatic manner rather shouting and threatening.


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