How To Choose a Mobile App Development Company

How to select best mobile app development company

Finding a 3rd party mobile app developer is easy, but sentence the right app growth agency or firm to work with can be insanely difficult.

Deciding vendor for your mobile app design and development is no easy decision — which mobile app development company do you choose? How do you evaluate potential partners? What is their process? What is important to you? All of these are important considerations.

Building digital products are hard. Choosing the wrong associate could mean months of delay, pushchair, and bad cipher when it finally does ship, a not enough designed user awareness, and worst of all – tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted.

Selecting the right mobile app development firm could mean the difference between a commercial mobile business for you, and wasting money on useless code only to die a completely slow business death. It’s important to fully research, evaluate, and examine each potential partner you work with.

There’s a lot of signals to evaluate if a mobile improvement company actually is probable, if they can convey on time, if their pricing is in line with the work they generate, and so on. But all this information is completely reach out, and you really need to do your research before alternative that one perfect partner for you.

This is certainly a extensive process and will involve research, lots of reading, in-person meetings, and internal team discussions. The end result: a great app (hopefully).

6 things to keep in mind as you evaluate a mobile app development firm:

1. Ability to ship on time

This one is pretty simple: can your app development partner hit deadlines, every time? Not shipping on time is probably the hardest striking thing in terms of cost and exhausted prospect for you. You want to make sure that the corporation you spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars with is going be able to make good on their promises.

Dedicated Product Manager are tasked with the day-to-day of client projects, and our  COO makes sure everyone has everything they need to combustion through projects.

2. Client references

Client references are important in this stage. Being able to hear – primary hand – from someone that’s earlier worked with the firm or group is extremely valuable. They’ll either be able to repeat everything the agency is tumbling to you (that they’re awesome), or they’ll tell you what really goes on after the contract are signed and checks are cut.

Here are Raizlabs the majority of our clients actually sign with us for additional work. The fact that our clients are so satisfied with the work we produce that they appoint us more than once is a evidence to our process and the level of work we manufacture.

3. Where is design and development done?

You can surely get an app made for cheap if you farm out design and growth to places like India, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. Although this seems like an attractive option because of cost, we always advise probable clients of the following:

There’s a cost vs. quality dynamic when it comes to outsourcing your development. It will be cheap and you might get a finished product, but chances are that it won’t be work of the same quality that a leading agency can give you. We always advise possible clients to never out source development of their app.

4. Will experienced engineers be working on your app, or junior engineers?

A lot of agencies and firms will charge less because your app is being built by untested engineers. For some clients, they’re okay with that. Other times clients expect a certain level of craftsmanship that can only come with experienced, top-notch talent.

There’s also more risk of a project derailing with an inexperienced agency. If completing your mobile app on time is a priority, experienced engineers and designers will be able to finish your project and ship on time. After talking to so many potential clients, I’ve heard abundance of horror stories of projects kicking off and little progress achieved after months and months of work.

Software engineers have an average of 10 years of experience in software development. Additionally, they have an average of 4 years of practice in mobile development – which is appealing extreme when you take into account that the App Store has only been approximately for 6 years.

5. Are they going to give you a white label app, or build you a fully custom app?

Some mobile app growth agency will re skin a white label app, and essentially Jerry display it to suit your needs. This may be completely excellent for some companies depending on the condition – a lot of apps for conferences and trade shows can probably just be white labeled since they pretty much all require the same functionality. This may be good-looking for any company because it saves on cost, but at the end of the day it doesn’t usually suit your individual needs. 99 out of 100 companies are going to want a custom app designed and developed

In the end, you should decide which route is best for you, your development, and your company’s mobile app. Infrequently a white label mobile app is exactly what a company or individual needs. Most often this is not the case and many companies are going to want a custom app built for their detailed needs.

6. What is the app developer’s process?

Does the agency’s process make sure that your app will be ship on time? And if it doesn’t ship on time, does the agency’s process make sure that you know why your app is behind program?

This is most valuable when you’re mid-project. A good agency will have a process where they will be able to recognize, mid-project, if it’s on track to be concluded by the target or not.

Process is also important because it not only ensures that your app ships by the deadline, but that it’s also built right. Before we even pick up a pencil or a mouse we have a enormous beginning session where we define the product and its facial appearance. At that point we then start conniving and building the app. Our motto is “show early, and often”, so we include our clients in every bit of progress.


Selecting a mobile app development company is not easy and you definitely want to be systematic with your decision. A mistake means it may cost you twice as much to make a mistake, learn from it, and go with a reputable mobile development agency.

It is my hope that you can take these points with you as you prepare for selecting a partner in the app development process.

The most important thing to do is evaluate mobile development agencies on their pitches, their past work, and talk to some of their current and former clients (client references). This will give you the clearest intellect of the app developer’s capability, process, and ability to ship on time.

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