How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Site


Domain authority is one of the important factors of Google search ranking factors, In fact, Google uses hundreds of factors to determine the search rankings

Domain Authority predicts how well a site can rank for a keyword and when we talk about search engine ranking positioning [SERP] domain Authority is like industry standards for SEO.

Domain Authority is a ranking metric developed by Moz , If you ask any digital marketing guy, what is the number one factor and goal for getting SERP results. The probable answer is increase your domain authority

The higher the domain authority the more chances to earn better search ranking which intern more web traffic to your site

It is like your site seo strength, a good way to measure your website or blog seo score and effort.  You can also compare competitor strength by using their domain authority and score.

How Does Domain Authority calculated?

Domain authority ranges from 1 to 100, (1 being worst and 100 being the best).

If your domain authority is between 20 to 40 then it is considered as low authority.

domain authority is between 40 to 60 will considered as average and good

more than 60 is considered as excellent

Don’t get discouraged!,  If your Domain authority is low!, You can increase your domain authority with some simple steps.

Don’t get discouraged if your DA is low! No matter what your DA is, you can take steps to increase it.

Now the million dollar question is!
How To Increase Your Domain Authority?

Here are 15 steps to increase your Domain Authority?

Step 1: Choose relevant Domain Name:

Choose the domain name that is relevant to your website.

Your domain should be relevant to functional.

Easy to remember

Step 2: Optimize Your On-Page Content:

Optimizte your onpage factors like url, title meta description.

Inaddition provide proper internal linking mechanism to your relavant content. Add images with alt tag and image description.

Step 3: Create Linkable Content:

You need to have good quality links, links are a matter for your domain authority and SEO.

So inorder to earn good quality links create quality, so that people can share on social, and other bloggers or site admins can refer to your content,

You need to publish the content regularly.

Step 4: Improve Your Internal Linking Structure:

Internal links helps google bot to understand what is your content all about, and also helps visitors to navigate easily and direct visitors to what they are trying to find with that you also providing the better user experience.,

Step 5: Remove Bad And Toxic Links:

Maintain a clean and natural link profile to your site, bad links can harm your site, bad links can also hurt your domain authority

Step 6: Make Sure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly:

Large number users access the web by mobile phones. If your site is not mobile friendly, you content many not visisible proper to mobile user, and this may lead to bad user experience. Which directlry affects your domain authority.

Step 7: Become An Authority Within Your Niche:

Create great content for in your niche, so that people can follow you. Provide indepth content to the users, so that users can feel that they got what they wanted. This will boost your site reputation

Step 8: Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Webpages:

People feel nasty if your site loads slower, most of online users they just glimpse at the content, if they find interesting then they staybak other wise they just leave the site.

Poor loading can irritate the users, which may lead to higher bounce rate.

Step 9: Promote Your Content Via Social Media:

Social signals are a great ranking factors for your site.

Promote your content to the relevant people, you get social signals to your site and good amount of traffic to your site.

Include social share buttons to your page and site so that people can share easy.

The data backs it up.

Your CTR will be 200% high When you rank  position 1 in search results,

And it goes down 10% from there on for each position.

Why Domain authority is important,

Google decides authority of website by validating certain factors, sometime you can’t just think of ranking few keywords,

For example

keywords that are ranking from  much higher domain authority difficult to pass thru the results for a lower authority sites.

Google uses PageRank algorithm to understand the importance of a webpage.

In technical,

It’s a link analysis algorithm for google to decide the quality of the links

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