How To Know the Last Shut Down Time Of Your Windows PC

Nowadays everyone has an idea how to use PC, even a school going kid know how to use PC these days. Sometimes we may leave our PC and goes out and after coming you find that someone has used your PC and it was kept as it is. But you want to know does anyone used it and kept shut down as it is.

We can find out the activities done when we are not using and someone used it. We can find out at what time it has been used and shut down.

Here are the steps to find out when it was last shut down.


On Your windows press Start button and type Event Viewer in the search box. Event viewer program will appear in it. Click the program.

If not Click CTRL+R to start RUN command and type eventvwr.msc and click run. Event viewer program will run.

A window will be displayed on the screen showing event viewer program.


After the display of the Window on the screen with an event, viewer clicks on that program and wait for it to open.

In the displayed window on the left side, you will see “Windows logs” on the screen, click on that and it displays options on right side of the window.

Now click “system” from that options


After clicking System all the system files will be displayed on the right side dialog box. Now on the source column find the Event log source having Event 6006 ( it is an ID for Shutdown ). You will find many 6006 events. But we need to find the log with recent date and time.

The Event logs data was arranged in Descending order so the first Log with 6006 code will be the recent shutdown time and date.

And now we can know the last session when it was logged off.

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