How to put ads inside Article?

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Ads can be placed any where in the article on the website. One can easily gain users attention by placing the ad in the right position. There are no particular rules to place ads at certain place only. Based on the ad type we can place it in header, Footer and on both sides. We must think the way the user thinks and place the ads in the article.

For putting ads on wordpress sites inside the article we need some plugins on the site for placing ads. In order to get ads placed we need Google Ad sense account and should get approval from them, then only ads will be placed on the website inside the article.

The ads placed inside the article bid high when compared to ads in the footer, header, and sidebar because they are more interactive to users. Placing ads are easy in case of sidebar because simply copy paste the ad code into text widget area. But placing ads inside the article is somewhat difficult, each and every time we need to copy paste the code whenever required inside the article.

How to Put Ads Inside the Article:

Create an Ad function in theme.php file in the WordPress editor. placing ads inside article improve  AdSense earnings because they have more interaction with users.

Use code

function my Ad Function1()
{return’ Add AdSense code here ‘;}
Add_short code(‘myAd1’,’myAdFunction1’);

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Use functions like Adfunction1() and Adfunction2() for corresponding AdSense codes and names myad1 and myad2. Place [myad1] [myad2] where requirement of ads inside article.

In WordPress dashboard go to Appearance >> editor >> in right side menu go to Theme.php >>

Add these functions at bottom and finally hit save.

After completion of adding Ad functions, go to posts in WordPress dashboard, open post and add Ad names like [myad1] and [myad2] whenever required.

1x1.trans - How to put ads inside Article?

In most scenario paid themes have ads customization and are better than free themes. In paid themes we can customize ads for desktops, mobiles, tablets. We can enable and disable whenever we want to those ads. These options are not seen in case of free themes.

The WordPress plugin named ad injection also a good plugin to place the ads inside the text as well as large customization ad places like header, footer, sidebar and finally inside text. You can also enable and disable ads for different pages like home, posts, pages, searches, and Archives. Also restrict ads depending on the length of the post, the age of visitor, and restrict access to the particular IP address. You can serve ads based on different search engines.

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