How to write a good CV

CVs are an important gizmo in the job searching process now a day. Everyone should know how to write a good CV.

But many people don’t know the difference between a good resume and a great resume. Your CV is a ticket to your dream job.

But how do you make sure that whether your CV is added to interview file or it is thrown in a dustbin?

Your CV should be in such a way that it should convince employers that you are the right choice for the job and they should offer you an interview.

Nowadays there are many websites available out there who will create a CV for you. But it is possible to write an excellent CV from you too.

A good CV conveys your personal and professional details in the way that presents you in the best possible light. 

It is a document in which you highlight your skills, abilities, qualifications, and experience to employers.

To sell your skills, to get you a quick job, to impress an employer it is required that you follow some rules, tips to write that bring in turn a good job grab CV.

50 Tips to write a good cv

We are building some awesoe 50 technics  to write a good cv.

These are some most effective CV writing tips:


1. Know The Basics

One should know what information to include in CVs and what to leave it out. You should include some common sections. Include your personal details- name, address, phone number, and email address.

People often forget them! Add your qualifications, education, work history, relevant skills for the job, achievements and of course don’t forget to include references.

2. Choose Layout And Typography Wisely

In today’s world, no one has much time left. And when it comes to CVs there are many people out there who are applying. So your CV should not be more than 2 pages.

Keep it clean and uncluttered with plenty of white spaces and wide margins. Choose font size wisely. Fonts should not be so small that one can’t read it properly and should not be so big that it takes extra space to fit in.

3. Proofread

A fresh pair of eyes can be sharp enough to point out your mistakes. So always recheck your CV after preparing it to find out your simple grammatical and spelling mistake.

It is best if you ask someone else to check it. No one knows if a grammatical or spelling error can cost you a job.

4. Sell Yourself

Remember when you writing a resume, you are actually selling yourself to that company.

If possible include all marketing efforts in your CVs (in content, delivery method, design and so on), that will give you an advantage over other candidates. But keep in mind one thing doesn’t go over the edge.

How to write a good CV

5. No Lies

Guys no one likes to hear a lie. You never wanted to be in a heap of trouble just because of a small lie. Most of the companies check your background and references before asking you to come for an interview.

Moreover, it may also happen that during an interview you can’t answer the question which you claim to know in CVs.

6. Add Professional Goal

Include professional goals in your resume that will give an idea to the interviewer where you are going and how you will take up the company’s responsibility.

That doesn’t mean to include a special section called ‘Professional Goals’, in fact, your CV should communicate this.

7. Prepare a Different Kind of CV for Different Jobs

Don’t make just one CV and send it to all employers. In fact, tailor it.

Yes, try to do research on companies first, before sending them your resume and then prepare your resume according to the skill needed for that job.

8. Avoid Age

Don’t include your age details unless and until asked about it.

Because it may happen that employers don’t give you a job just because of your age. (kind of discrimination)

9. Update Your Resume

Keep your resume updated every now and then. Like if you have worked on any new project than include that in your resume.

Most companies are most impressed by candidates who go on an extra mile to boost up their skills and experience.

10.Include Numbers

When making a CV, try to include numbers in it. Like, if you have increased the sale of your previous company than say that “increase sale of the company by 70%”. This creates a good impression on the interviewer.

These tips you can follow while preparing a CV also these tips help you to crack an interview for all your job applications.


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