How’s the Price of an Online Store Created ?

Online store

There isn’t one common price, because each site differs from another and requires different work tasks. According to the way websites are being built on, there are 3 main entrepreneur categories, which are:

  • without e-commerce knowledge;
  • with online sales experience;
  • with complex requirements and experience.

Let’s consider what can entrepreneurs of each category do to create their own online market and how much does it cost.

If you are not a pro:

The best solution for such situation is to hire someone who is a pro at least for part-time job. Of course, you have your brains, but you’ll have to learn a lot before you get at least some results. Having a specialist behind your back may be a good support, so you don’t have to deal with programming languages or fix errors – you’ll have a specific person just for it!

To talk about money: on the US territory a part-time pro may cost you about 4000 dollars for 20 hours work\week. In case you want to hire someone full-time it’ll be from 500 to 5000 dollars\month.

If you are a seller:

You still have many options and some of them can reduce the final cost. You can try to use online store platforms, for instance, Opencart, WooCommerce or WordPress. The price can vary from few hundreds to few thousands of dollars, and it can rise according to the site complexity. Some platforms consider adding new items as an additional services, that should be paid for.

There is also an option to automatically create an e-store, but it’s not always worth it. While you’ll be solving sudden problems, waiting in line with the same people as you are, you may lose your customers. In general, a nice working product can cost you from $200 to $2,000, according to its customization and/or complexity level.

If you are a huge business owner :

In case you don’t have any knowledge at all, you may have to hire 2 or more professionals full-time – it can be up to 10 thousand US dollars. In case you have some experience one specialist may fully satisfy all your needs.

When starting a new start-up an entrepreneur should stay calm and confident in his/her leadership and be patient until the traffic will start to increase, because it won’t ever happen right after all the tech support is provided.


All the costs mentioned above are estimated. Don’t forget about marketing, products and other costs you may have to deal with. They can also include traffic ads, which you might want to provide on social media and/or other websites. So there’s no such thing as a fixed price tag as there’s no ultimate solution for every problem.

But in this article we provided you with some sort of direction on the topic. Think wisely about how you’re gonna spend your money and who are you going to work with. Remember: it all has to be for the sake of your main goal – the success of your business!

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