How to Use Instagram for Your Business

Instagram for Your Business

Instagram for Business:

Most companies today already know that using social media for business is a great way to attract and retain your customers, which results in increased profits.

However, when it comes to social media, most companies tend to think of only two options: Facebook and Twitter. While these two are great options to use to reach your fans and followers, they’re not the only avenues you can take. Instagram for Business.

Instagram is another popular social media site that can help your business succeed. Most companies fail to use Instagram in their social media marketing efforts because they’re unsure of how exactly to use it. Well, today that ends. The following are some great ways that your company can use Instagram for your business.

New Arrivals

If your company sells products or services, you can use Instagram to showcase new arrivals. By doing this sporadically, you won’t bombard your followers with sales collateral. Instead, dropping a picture of a new product or service you launched will help to spread the word and generate interest among your customers and clients.

For example:

Instagram for Business if you are a retail furniture shop and you got a shipment of some new accent pillows, you can add pictures of those new arrivals to your Instagram account with a link to your website. This way, your fans, and followers will see what you have to offer, and they’ll also be able to know where to go to snag one.

Just be sure that you don’t do this too often. If you constantly push your own line of products or services, your followers will feel like they’re constantly being bombarded with sales pitches, and it will have a negative effect.

Behind the Scenes

Your customers only know you as a name. You can use Instagram to give them an inside look at your company.

For example, take some pictures of your office building, a company picnic, or even a regular meeting, and then post these pictures to Instagram.

This will allow your customers to see your company in a new way, and this can help to strengthen the bond they feel with your company. Doing this will keep them as loyal customers, and you’ll be rewarded with their purchases.


Companies have a lot of different partnerships, so be sure to recognize your partners on Instagram.

For example, if you recently attended an event that was held by a vendor, put pictures of the event on Instagram along with your praise. Your customers will see that you are a friendly company, and your partner will return the favor by giving you some free press too.

If you are a member of or help a local nonprofit, you can share this information on Instagram too. For example, if you recently held a coat drive for your local homeless shelter, share pictures on Instagram. Your customers will see that your company gives back to the community, and this type of good press will go a long way when it comes to ROI.


Give your customers real faces to get to know with your company.

For example, put pictures of the owner or CEO of the company, so your customers know who they are. You can also put pictures of new hires to, which is a great way to show how your company expands.

If your employees give you the okay, you can also share personal details.

For example, if one of your employees recently got married, had a baby, earned their MBA, etc., you can share this information on your Instagram account. Again, this will make your company more personable to your customers, and they’ll be happy to buy from a company who is so invested in their employees.

When it comes to using Instagram for your business, just be creative. If you can keep the content less sales-related, you’ll find more success with the social network.

Power-up your added marketing channels

Being a social networking platform, one of the greatest things about Instagram is that the content that you generate for marketing your business on Instagram can easily be shared through all the other marketing channels that you use to promote your business.

You can use Instagram Settings feature where you can enable social sharing to Facebook and Twitter. It will automatically allow your content to be shared on Facebook and Twitter when you post them on your Instagram account.

In case, you do not want to share the photos on Facebook or Twitter straight away; you can still save the photos on your phone and easily post them whenever you are ready to do so. In addition, the content that you post or share on your business Instagram account, you can use the same content for your email marketing campaigns. It will not only expand your marketing base, but by posting credible content across three popular social media platforms at once, our business credibility will also improve on the internet.

Author Bio :– Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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