Intelligence Vs Qualification

Intelligence Vs Qualification

Qualified? No big deal!!

CEO in Wipro. You’re qualified. Head chef in Taj. You’re qualified. Financial officer in Deloitt. You’re qualified. Scientist in ISRO. You’re qualified .And so on. But if you’re just these you are in a great loss indeed. What you have accomplished is just a little tiny bit of what you could have or better to say you should have learnt. Qualification is the skills for a ‘particular’ job. ‘Job’ could mean anything. From a CEO in Wipro to a rickshaw puller on a Mumbai packed road .Qualification pays of course. It also distinguishes people with different remuneration .Got to hear this fact that qualification comes with hard work. A CEO is a CEO only because he does (and did of course) hard work? If this was the case, a Rickshaw puller would have been on the list of tycoons .Yeah qualification is imperative but does it all to gain in our whole life. Study for a degree…procure that degree…become qualified with a degree for a particular job. Earn a living and keep doing that for rest of your life. And then when anyone asks you the no. of district in your state, any famous monuments in your state, name of National highway you travel daily on, a recent epidemic whole world is alarmed with…be dumbstruck. Now you are someone highly respected person among your colleagues (you know the reason for that) and apart from that you aren’t comfortable to even sit in any discussion. You can’t ponder and discuss about the issues (Social, economical, political etc.) which affects you directly or indirectly. Your qualification doesn’t help in this because it was just for a ‘particular’ job.

Here comes the intelligence part in the play. Intelligence is not a genetic factor. You don’t inherit it. You earn it. Intelligence comes with learning and understanding with reasoning. And learning first of all comes with willingness to learn. There is no school or institution or a particular faculty, nevertheless there are innumerable means to learn. From a newly born crying baby to an accident victim, from two strangers talking in vicinity to the Wikipedia or from an illiterate bus conductor to a newspaper. All you need is a zeal and keenness to learn.

Secondly, learning comes with experiences. I mean did someone demonstrate you how to play games in a running lecture? And see you can even play and make notes at the same time (Just an example especially for who don’t it: P, that’s just not what learning means). It’s all about how you take them, as a regret or a lesson. Regret is good but don’t just end it at the regret stage. Use it as a lesson. As an instance, if you figure out after getting low marks, that the faculty had a grudge on you or something then might one more immoral happening awaits you, as a chance hoping at least now you’d greet it as a lesson and learn about your mistake you must have had  made in the exam. Learning is as easy as eating. Even ‘as same as eating’ wouldn’t have been less precise. Knowledge is like raining cats and dogs. Just keep your eyes, ear and every ‘mouth’ possible open to have food of knowledge and awareness.  Nothing is unused. Seriously nothing. Even aunties in your neighbour discussing about skyrocketing price of vegetables could be proved useful. Scientific aptitude does also contribute in the process of achieving intelligence. Questioning everything you see and obsession of knowing the reason behind them no matter whether it bothers you or not. Knowledge is no harm…right?  It could be a matter of concern if our brain had a limited memory hard drive. You don’t simply neglect interesting happenings in proximity just because they don’t belong to your field. Just accept it as a gift, people. Even if you know ‘.22’ means a type of gun that fires small bullets used for hunting small animals, it counts. Accept this too if you didn’t know.

So the gist is make an endeavour to become an intellectual rather than a qualified. Gain whatever you can. Inculcate a habit of knowledge collection. In my opinion becoming qualified is not even that challenging.  It’s nothing but a subset of being an intelligent. Intelligent in one ‘direction’. But is that worth it? It’s not more than a drop from an ocean. And this Ocean is all yours than why just a drop. If you are on a multiple way road…Yeah you can go on only one but what stops to have an idea what’s going on, on the other roads. If your daily life gets affected by different aspects, different phenomenon…you got to know about that. That’s one way you can save and serve yourself, your society and the globe (And I mean it).An illustration, If you are a scientist and you only know about science it’s like you are an actor/actress who only knows acting (Galia jatt :p). Intelligence is not a subject, it’s a project (Highest credits) you have to complete in your life duration. A dialogue of the movie 3 idiots fits right here with slight modification…”qualification k peeche mat bhaago…intellect or intelligence hasil karo, qualification jhak mar k peeche aayegi”! ☺

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