Is CoolSculpting the Best Way to Get an Hourglass Figure?


As much as the hourglass figure is a dream of all women, most do not possess it. Do you wonder why? Because there are few who are able to ‘sculpt those curves’ with diet and exercise. What’s more, some women such as celebrities Sophia Vergara, Marilyn Monroe, and Beyoncé, just naturally have been blessed with those luscious curves. Did you ever have an hourglass figure? Do you want it? Well then, we believe that there is something more than just diet and exercise that can help you achieve that curvaceous body.

Attaining the Hourglass Figure through CoolSculpting

Before we get into the how of it, have you heard of Cool-sculpting before? If not, then you will need to find out what it is. This is exactly the right place to find out the details – the ‘science’ of Cool-sculpting and how it will pave the way to an hourglass figure for you.

What happens during CoolSculpting, anyway?

You’d come across various weight loss clinics that offer CoolSculpting Indianapolis, Miami, New York – you name it. This innovative fat reduction method is the new trend. CoolSculpting or fat freezing is a noninvasive procedure to achieve a fat reduction in different parts of the body. It is an FDA-cleared process that gives consistent and positive results for most users.

Well, simply put, your fat cells are exposed to freezing temperatures and are then destroyed permanently. For example, if you want to get rid of unwanted fat from your thighs, an applicator will be placed on the desired area. This applicator drops the temperature and freezes the fat cells. The freezing of the cells causes them to die and they are then sucked out of the body. Depending on where you are getting the process done, the process lasts anywhere from 35 minutes to 75 minutes.

People who have gone through CoolSculpting say they notice the reduction in fat within a month of going through the procedure. Some have even seen results after 3 months of getting fat freezing done. The best part about the whole thing is that fat remains off your body for the longest time as compared to any other invasive fat extraction process. For most patients, the fat that is frozen and removes never returns to their body.

Can anyone get CoolSculpting done?

The answer is yes. Of course, people with medical conditions will not be allowed to have the procedure, but you will need to meet with an expert to find out if you are good to go. As per experts, if you can pinch an inch of fat on your body, then you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

The process works best for abdomen, thighs, bat arms, and under the chin area or double neck. Bra bulges, back fat and excess fat on the flank can also be removed through CoolSculpting. The places where CoolSculpting is not performed is the part that is over an open hernia and intra-abdominal fat.

Does CoolSculpting Actually Work?

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that nothing works like magic. CoolSculpting also has a science behind it and for it to work for you, there is a need for you to be clear about it. CoolSculpting works when there is a need for limited fat removal. Many celebrities like Gemma Collins, Ferne McCann, Antony Costa, and Khloe Kardashian have gone through with it with positive results. It works really well particularly for women who are busy mums and do not have the time to get rid of pregnancy fat.

Like most other procedures that involve getting rid of fat, CoolSculpting has minor risks. These may include things like swelling, tenderness, numbness, bruising, or some redness. Keep in mind though that all these problems are temporary and disappear within a short span of time. You may feel discomfort or sensitivity for some time, but it will also reduce after some time. If the condition persists, you will need to see the doctor/medical expert you consulted immediately.

It is highly advised that you inform the CoolSculpting expert about any kind of medical condition you have before you get the process done. This way there would not occur any need for any kind of emergency and the process will go smoothly for you, without mishap.

Should You Get it done?

We suggest that you talk to experts about it. The first thing they will do is give you a consultation. They will take into consideration your requests and body fitness and then decide whether what you wish can be achieved or not. If it is only a few inches you wish to get rid of from the waist, for example, then yes, CoolSculpting is the perfect solution to get that hourglass figure.

If on the other hand, you are overweight or have some kind of medical condition, then the experts will first ask you to start eating clean and working out. Only when you have a healthy lifestyle, will you be able to not only get rid of the excess fat but also keep it off forever.

CoolSculpting can give you the hourglass figure you desire, so long as you only need to siphon off fat. It is not magic and cannot work wonders without you putting in some efforts yourself first. Yes, it gives amazing results, but only when the fat accumulation is limited. The results are guaranteed though and will make you wish that you had tried the process much earlier than wasting your time on fad diets and workout in trying to get rid of those flabby thighs or bat wing arms.

Visit with experts today and find out how CoolSculpting can benefit you. Good luck!



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