Is Google all set to break up with Android?

Google all set to break up with Android

Android is unquestionably one of the most popular operating systems in the world ever. When Google realized Android, they knew it is going to be a game changer. But, no one would have ever predicted such an immense growth and adoptability of the operating system. There are a lot of things that makes Android a top choice of world. One of them is the fact that Android is available to a large part of the world. The number of Android users in the world is growing almost regularly, and the number is already in billions. Also, Android is present in various devices, made by different manufacturers. Therefore, Android users always get a lot of options in the market, for various price brackets. Additionally, the share of Android in the global mobiles industry is 87.7%, which is immense. This stat is enough to showcase the enormous market of Android.

Are Google engineers busy creating something better that Android?

Since quite a long time, some of the top Google engineers are working on a special project. They are busy developing a powerful software which is probably expected to replace Android. The OS will be prepared with the aim to dominate the global mobile operating systems’ market for a long time. Though, there have never been any official reports regarding the launch of any such new software. But, it seems that Google is surely doing something related to this. Also, they are keen in making the OS a lot better than even iOS.

How did this news break?

The discussions pertaining that Google is probably interested in making a new OS erupted during a recent event. Very surprisingly, in the Google’s event, they did not mention anything at all related to Android. The spokespersons did not even mention Google’s name even once during the whole time. This gave rise to a lot of speculations. It felt like probably Google is trying to get rid of Android. Or, they are on the verge of creating something different and better than Android.

The event was basically aimed to announce the launch of some of the newest Google’s new mobile and tablet devices. However, people were expecting some bit of news related to Android. However, everybody was astonished because Google did not even mention Android even once during the complete event. Lot of experts touted this as Google’s move to disconnect from Android. Probably they have started giving the hint that Android may be replaced very soon with something bigger and better.

Is Google actually planning to replace Android?

Since 2008, Google has never missed any opportunity to put attention on Android, but now they have. So, there has to be something. In fact, the speakers even tried to replace the word Android with something like AI software or Chrome OS while they were presetting Google keynote. Only a very few people thought that it was a miss from the speaker’s end. But, it was actually a planned event. Experts realized that this was done intentionally, and this might be a marketing strategy.

It seems like Google might be ready with ‘Fuschia’, their new OS, on which they have been working since quite long. As, we all know that Google Home Hub was primarily a Fuchsia OS device. After that Google turned it into a new age smart display for Google Assistant.

The main reason that makes the introduction of Fuchsia OS a lot more impactful is that the present Android applications would be able to also run on this new operating system without any hassle. Fuchsia OS is regarded as one of the most dynamic Operating System. And, it might be developed to work on a wide range of different devices, including laptops, phones and tablets.

However, Google is yet to release any official statement on breaking up with Android or launching anything more. But, the mobile world is surely excited to listen to what Google is up to.


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