ITL Phone Cleaner I App Review

ITL Phone Cleaner App Review

Android has successfully emerged as the most popular platform in the world today. And its popularity is here to stay! This open source platform has a lot of advantages ranging from multitasking, ease of notification to secure access to thousands of applications via the Google Play Store.

Let’s talk disadvantages now. One of the major drawbacks of Android is, smartphones running on this platform tend to slow down after a year or two. There can be a lot of reasons behind it – accumulating junk files, app cache, and system cache, virus, and malware infections, high power consuming apps and the likes.

To take care of this situation, there are a lot of phone cleaning and speed boosting apps available on the Google Play. But if you are looking for an all-round solution, we would recommend the ITL Phone Cleaner (Speed Booster & Anti-Virus 2018).

What is ITL Phone Cleaner?

Developed by Innovana Thinklabs Limited, ITL Phone Cleaner is a popular best phone cleaner app and Android optimizer. The application is known for its tried and tested features that are programmed to keep your Android phone lag-free with no storage issues.

App review of ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner optimizes the performance of your device so that you can make the most out of it. It has a lot of useful features divided into several categories that can be accessed from the home screen of the app.

Partially free (there is a pro version too with exclusive features), ITL Phone Cleaner is easy-to-use and is an excellent choice for all your Android woes.

What are the key features of ITL Phone Cleaner?

Let’s begin with the key features.

Junk Cleaner

If you are always low on storage, you would love the ‘junk cleaner’ feature in ITL Phone Cleaner. Junk cleaner frees space on your Android device by listing down junk files, cached data, residual files, system trash, useless APKs, empty folder and other unnecessary files and deleting them permanently.

Phone Booster

The phone booster module is a one-touch option. A single tap is all that it takes to boost your overall phone performance. How it does it? ITL Phone Cleaner has an in-built capacity to clean up RAM, remove unwanted background processes, stop auto-start apps from well, auto-starting and reduce memory usage in the process. Your phone is visibly boosted by almost 50%.

Battery Saver

Another feature that has successfully managed to become a hit among users is the battery saver module. ITL Phone Cleaner monitors battery condition and accordingly optimizes battery power with a single tap. It prevents unwanted apps from launching in the background until you start them again.

The app turns off parameters like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, time out, auto-sync, GPS, vibration, and brightness, etc. for quick and efficient power management. You also get to create your custom battery saver profile – which is what stands out from other battery saving applications.

Duplicate Photos Remover

A lot of photos on your phone happens to be the identical copies of the original frame. When there are too much of it, compromise phone memory and its performance. ITL Phone Cleaner finds these extra photos that you don’t need so that you can delete them. Removing such images will increase free space on your device.

Along with duplicate photos, the application also identifies blurry shots, poor quality hazy shots as unwanted photos. You can select the location, file type and even the degree of duplicity too.

Social Media Cleaner

This feature lets you delete the countless number of social media files that you receive on your phone every day. You can remove them according to categories and recover as much space as you want.


ITL Phone Cleaner also makes sure that your data is protected and you never face any security issues. It actively scans your device for malware, viruses and other threats in real-time. Furthermore, it prevents harmful applications from installing on your phone. You will receive an instant notification whenever you are about to install any virus infected app. With this feature enabled, you do not have to worry about unauthorized use of your private data anymore.

App Manager

There is also an app manager feature which helps you uninstall apps that you no longer use and manage their apks too. But no, it does not uninstall system app.

Looks great with easy-to-use UI

Another factor that is quite the hit among users is its user-friendly interface. The application looks attractive, well-organized, and is easily navigable to non-technical users.

All major features of the application are accessible from the home screen itself which are: junk cleaner, phone booster, battery saver, duplicate photos remover, social media cleaner, best android cleaner and antivirus. These features are streamlined perfectly fine.

The home screen also houses other options like CPU cooler (controls CPU temperature), app manager (manages installed apps), game booster (boosts gaming speed) and others – making them readily available.

Best Android app for cleaning, boosting and optimizing your device

ITL Phone Cleaner (Speed Booster & Anti-Virus 2018) is an excellent choice for keeping your device junk-free. A 4.7-star rating and its credible users say it all! Download the app and try it out for yourself.

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