Labour Law Firms In India Advise On Suing Employer For Workplace Stress

Labour Law Firms In India

You may be working under your employer and is legally bound to follow the directions and instructions offered to you regarding your job. That does not mean you will have to give up your civil rights when you step into your workplace. However, going the legal way may estrange relationship in future and therefore holding is as your last straw will be more judicious.

There are lots of ways in which you can relieve workplace stress when you experience it, but in extreme cases when all your efforts fail, you can even sue your employer for such harmful stress. However, your employer being stronger than you, financially and otherwise and probably have an in-house legal system in place to stay protected. It is for this reason you might have to take help of the reputable and successful Labour Law Firms in India for that matter.

Be knowledgeable about stress

Before you contemplate on legal process and sue your employer try out a few useful ways to reduce workplace stress. Start by knowing that workplace stress is bound to happen from time to time and therefore you should not expect a workplace that will turn out to be exactly as you wanted, if not more.

Next, track the causes of stress by maintaining a job stress journal. Note down the factors or person that causes stress and how you react when you are stressed out. There may be specific jobs that make you panic-stricken or co-workers can make you anxious, and even the supervisor may be too hard on you. Note down how you responded to these situations

Know the legal options

Everyone wants and have the right to work in a stress-free environment and with their employee rights protected. Talking to Labour Law Consultants in India you will know that unnecessary physical or emotional stress will violate your employee rights. Stress can stem from:

  • A demanding boss

  • Pressure to meet deadlines

  • Due to challenging assignments

  • Heavy workload

  • Long, demanding hours of work

  • Discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Whatever the cause, it is bound to create a negative impact on your mental and physical health. If you consult a lawyer, you will know that there are several laws to protect you from such stress-causing factors and illegal behaviors of your employer.

Face severe challenges

Continual stress in your workplace may cause anxiety, depression, and alcoholism and several other physical as well as mental conditions including cardiovascular diseases. In such a situation you will be subject to more severe job-related challenges.

Apart from the basic causes of workplace stress, a Labor law consultant will also point out a few other causes that are sufficient enough to sue your employer for your deteriorating mental and physical conditions. These are:

  • When you fear a lay off in uncertain economic condition

  • Experience increased demands from your employer for overtime for staff cutbacks

  • Feel redundancy in job

  • Feel the pressure of meeting the rising expectations without proper job satisfaction

  • Do not feel physically or emotionally safe in your workplace and

  • Have strained relationships with co-workers.

All these will result in lack of motivation, cause illness and absenteeism and even death if you suffer from such stress for a long time. The best you can do is either report it to the HR department or talk to the lawyer directly sternly indicating a legal action.

Different segments of the legal process

Suing your employer for undue stress and harassment will fall under the workers’ compensation system or the state laws.

  • If the stress is caused due to ordinary workplace incidents, then such claims will fall under the workers’ compensation system.

  • If, on the other hand, the stress is caused due to any unlawful incidents such as discrimination and harassment, it will fall under the state or federal law.

  • Add to that, if you are stressed due to workplace bullying, you may have to fight for your rights internally. For this, you will need to check out the workplace bullying policy of your employer.

However, workplace bullying will be considered as unlawful only when you are bullied due to the protected characteristics such as your race, age, disability, religion, national origin or gender.

Take legal action at last

Ideally, most organizations and employers do not want to take up any matter to the court. It is not only due to the legal cost and time factor involved with any legal case, but it is also for the reason that most companies do want to go public on such issues.

Such unwanted publicity can be detrimental for the company and affect its business proceeds including future recruitment. Therefore, in most of the times, such issues are resolved through discussions. The HR department is experienced in such matters and will take necessary actions soon or provide useful tips and advice to alleviate the job-related stress. They may make a few effective modifications in your job description or ask the supervisor to be more helpful to you to alleviate your stress.

However, if the HR department is unsuccessful to resolve the issue, you can contact your employer directly according to your right. If you find that the employer is least interested in your issue and denies taking any step regarding the issue, you must avail the last option and take it up the legal way. Contact and consult an Employment law consultant and know the processes to file a complaint against your employer to the relevant authority.

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