Mastering SEO Content Writing

mastering seo content writing

When you are writing content for a website or a blog your key focus would be on SEO and user experience [UX].

92% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

The aim is to write content with digital content marketing strategy and make your content visible to the search engines and attract visitors to your site.

Search engines understand grammar, and spell mistakes, they even understand the synonyms, so make sure you use correct grammar and spelling for your content.

Do enough research before writing your content not just for SEO, visitors stick to the content and feel awesome to your content.

Bookmark this list of content writing tips and keep it handy, you can even make use it as checklist any time you create content for your site.

If you are writing content for a business website,
Your website represents your business and your content represents what you do in your business.

If your content is confusing, sloppy and not focusing prime objective, you’ll lose your site audience, sales, and your conversion rate overall you lose business, no matter how good your products or services are.

If you are writing for a blog

A Great content writing will help in many ways

  • People refer to your content
  • Your blog posts will earn more social shares,
  • Your pages will earn backlinks.
  • Your site trust will improve

Bad content negatively affects your brand and trust.

51 Tips for Writing Web Content

  1. Have a goal and purpose
  2. Know your audience
  3. Develop a plan
  4. Be consistent
  5. Create evergreen content
  6. Write Sharable content
  7. Make use of tools
  8. Do keyword research for SEO.
  9. Don’t do Keyword stuffing in your content
  10. Drive toward powerful calls to action wherever applicable
  11. Place hyperlink to your references and sources
  12. Make the reader feel awesome.
  13. Be seasonable and timely
  14. Keep the action in your content writing
  15. When writing for the web, chop it up.
  16. Update your links
  17. Try to invest in a good SEO suite
  18. Follow SEO best practices
  19. Don’t forget internal linking
  20. Give your readers a reason to care for your content
  21. Place the picture for better understanding.
  22. Use accurate infographics
  23.  Write “Dos and Don’ts” for reader corrections?
  24. If you’re not sure, look it up
  25. Use effectively.
  26. Use correct Grammar and Spelling
  27. Don’t call an Apple an elongated red fruit
  28. Keep the reader reading level low
  29. Provide added value
  30. Edit your work (at least once)
  31. Level up your skills for better content writing, and content marketing
  32. Review your results

Check out you content results, Do analysis, improvise wherever need

Outcomes of your effective content writing

  1. Website traffic
  2. Increased total page views
  3. Longer visit duration
  4. Increased Social metrics such as share, likes, followers
  5. Improved search engine rankings
  6. Lower bounce rate
  7. Social recommendations
  8. Brand trust
  9. Increases conversion rate

How do you measure good content writing

  1. Higher ranking in google search results
  2. Steady increase in website traffic “first time becoming next time”
  3. Social metrics steady increase in social metrics

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