On Air: Top Online video streaming websites making waves in 2017

Top Online video streaming websites making waves in 2017

Video streaming websites and apps are jostling to win the thought of users. Users are also blemished with options that nourish them with instant satisfied on continuous genres across all plans.


Ustream is an online video and lives streaming stage that allows enterprises and users to brook share or broadcast video to everyone. It ranks highly on scalability and supports a wide collection of media formats. As an accessible platform, Ustream has television channels, video publishers, individuals and video marketers amidst its range of fans.


Netflix is to video what Google is to search engines. It is the most popular and in fact, the game changer in the entire video streaming industry. Netflix offers a wide range of video on demand subscription models. It has also started its own manufacture house for rising serials that have gained fame at parity with Hollywood movies.


Hulu is a hub for American tv shows. Owned together by media behemoths like ABC Television Group, Disney, Fox Entertainment, FOX, etc. Hulu also has a long listing of Hollywood movies and popular lively movies that makes it a refuge for movie buffs.


If video games make up your day, then Twitch will have you glued to the screen. It is the solitary destination for the user to watch video game captures of well-known action from definite channels. Exclusive channels for Playstation, Features games, Xbox are accessible in jerk making it the second-best option to spend time after playing video games.


Vimeo is a pleasant video platform where users can upload, share and watch high-definition videos, including 4K clarity without pestering ads. It’s USP is the shareability of videos across all devices as well as phones, tablets and desktops. There is also a Vimeo Video School and a worldwide community of video creators and professionals who help users improve their video skills.


Metacafe is an online storehouse of videos of a location of topics. It contains a collection of videos segregated into several categories. It is trendy as the go-to aim for watching trending videos from all over the world including exclusive interviews, product reviews and entertainment.


Crackle is an online video distribution platform that serves video content ranging from Hollywood movies to serials and even original web shows. Found in 2007, it is currently owned by Sony. it offers several free tv shows and public videos on common themes that will not fail to crackle an amusement

How video streaming platforms are built?

The concept of online video streaming has won global fanfare. The success stories of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu has encouraged the recent developing of video streaming websites like Amazon Prime, Hotstar among several others.

Contus Vplay has developed a convenient architecture to create a video streaming platform. The VOD platform is included with state-of-the-art features that increase the efficiency of video broadcasting.

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