PPC – Pay per Click: 6 Easy Tips To Improve Your Campaign

PPC – Pay per Click: 6 Easy Tips To Improve Your Campaign

After all, you spent a little bit of money and haven’t noticed any results. The thing is, a successful PPC campaign doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, knowledge and testing. Make that lot of testing. But, let’s say that you’ve to work on PPC campaign. You may have noticed a little bit of traffic – hopefully even some sales –  but it’s not as much as you would like. What can you do to make certain that you’re getting the most bang out of your buck?

By using the below 5   tips, you’ll not only improve your PPC campaign, you can also observe an increasing impressive ROI.

Select the Right Keywords.

As you’re most likely already aware, your PPC campaign begins with using the relevant keywords that fit your niche. But, how can you be certain that your money isn’t being used for keywords that won’t help increase sales?

One of easiest places to start scoping out keywords would be to see what your competitors are using. You can also see which keywords your customers, partners, and suppliers are using. You could also use tools like Google AdWords or WordStream to search for the keywords or phrases that you’d like to use.

When you first start out, only bid for a few targeted keywords to avoid depleting your budget. By doing this you can see which keywords are and are not working. Also, keep in mind that you should also use plural forms of keywords. There’s a possibility that the plural forms are more effective than the singular forms.

Track Everything.

PPC advertising encourages that you can keep tabs on every penny that you spend. If you’re using AdWords, for example, then you could use the free conversion tracking tool. This tool allows you to see what happens after a customer clicked on your ad – did they make a purchase, sign-up for a newsletter, etc.. By analyzing this data your can control budget on your keywords.

Target By Location

End location targeting options? This is an incredible feature if your business relies on customers in specific locations. To boost the performance of your campaign, you have the ability to target your efforts based on Country, Region, State or Zip Code. You can even set a radius around certain locations, it would be extremely helpful for your operating a local delivery service.

Select the Right Times

Another way to improve your ad words campaign is to base your campaigns around seasons and holidays. As for holidays, you can create campaign according to holidays for your business.

Don’t get caught up in the name. When the day is passing you can also be used if you notice that a majority of your customers are searching for your keywords at certain hours of the day. After analyzing your data of your customers searching between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Site Links and Ad Extensions

If you’re looking to improve your click through rate, then you should consider using site links. Why? Because site links can be incredibly beneficial. For example, they highlight benefits or features and even offer more details about your business – hours, product specifications.

You can also utilize ad extensions. For example, you can paste a link in your ad so that visitors can download your app, call your business, get directions or read reviews. This feature provided at free of cost. This is one of the best techniques you could use to increase both your visibility, ROI, and Traffic.

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