There Is No Perfect Workplace

There is no perfect workplace

The perfect workplace cannot possibly exist in the world, simply because each one of us is different. Some of them want on-site child care. Some of them may prefer flexible hours. you want to be home by 6:00 pm every night. But a company that talks to its workers about their jobs, their needs, their lives and, more importantly, a company that listens – is by all accounts more likely to provide a satisfying workplace and to have a productive and loyal workforce.

No one suggests that companies treat their employees well for purely human reasons, although many great companies seem to get that way by truly caring about their employees. A 2002 study by Manpower Inc., the Milwaukee-based staffing company, points out that there is a direct correlation between employee loyalty and customer loyalty – which in turn leads to higher profits. During the most turbulent economic stretch in generations, we set out to identify some of the companies and organizations in southeast Wisconsin that consider it an obligation, or at least smart business, to give their employees a fair shake and a fulfilling work place experience. To do this, we invited workers to nominate their employers, and we enlisted the help of workplace consulting firm Workplace Dynamics to survey tens of thousands of workers under one roof.

The result is a fascinating and diverse list of organizations, large and small, that are finding creative and exciting ways to engage and retain employees. The ultimate goal of this process, and this special section, is to highlight some of the best practices that others may want to consider adopting. As with workplaces, no workplace survey can possibly be perfect. But the methodology employed by Workplace Dynamics is solid, and our hope is that we can make this an ongoing celebration of the organizations in the region that – by their own workers’ declarations – are giving their workforce the respect, help and fulfillment they deserve.

Almost every company talks about empowering their employees, but few actually do it an any meaningful way. In many cases it becomes a mock process, where employees are encouraged to voice their opinions and those opinions are then promptly ignored. And the best (or is that worst) symbol of fake empowerment is the suggestion box. Many workplaces have one hanging on a wall somewhere. You can stick in your idea, but then what? Who (if anyone) will read it? Will it ever be acted upon? If not, why not? If it is, who will take credit?

Tips for the perfect workplace

Time and time again, studies have proven that working environment matters. The right office space has been shown to improve worker productivity and increase employee satisfaction, making companies more successful and greatly reducing turnover.But just what does the “right” office space look like? Here are some tips for designing the perfect workplace.

  1.   The Ultimate Location

Location is incredibly important for the perfect workplace. Great workplaces are conveniently located in areas that are readily accessible via public transportation and near free or discounted parking. At the workplace, workers can run assignment, attend to appointments and have a delicious food on their lunch breaks and have access to bars and restaurants once in a month. 

  1.   A Perfect Mix of Spaces

Many workplaces are today transferring to completely open floor plans, but this isn’t necessarily striving toward perfection. The truth is that totally open office spaces can be less than ideal just like totally closed ones as they eliminate places for privacy and quiet concentration. A perfect workplace has the right balance of open space, some private spaces and some private closed space to suit the working styles and needs of employers teams. 

  1.   Plugs, Plugs Everywhere!

In the perfect workplace, everyone is able to access an otherness  port and plug in their mobile devices. The design of the office is laid out so that cords and wires are managed and kept out of sight. There is also adequate wireless coverage to ensure a strong signal in all parts of a room. Technology plays important role in workplaces today, so ideal offices are optimized for today’s advanced technologies.

  1.   Ample Light 

Task lights allow workers to illuminate their workstations as needed as well. Ample Light has been shown in studies to be one of the biggest drivers of productivity in the perfect workplace, meaning it’s a must-have for an enjoyable working ambiance.

  1.  Green Innovations

In the perfect workplace, advanced lighting reduces energy consumption. High voltage alternating currents units are controlled with advanced technology to keep indoor temperatures cool regulated while reducing the energy.

  1.   The Right Perks 

The perfect workplace has special perks that appeal to the employees. Amenities like an onsite cafe, an espresso bar or a fitness center will appeal to some work teams more than others. In the complete office space, employers have done the research needed to know what their employees value and have added special little something to make the working environment more enjoyable and to make employees feel like they are getting something extra from working for the company.


Ultimately, there is no one perfect workplace. By considering the six points above and taking the specific needs of your team of employees into consideration, you can determine what the perfect workplace is for your company’s needs.

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