Top 10 Android Tips to every Android User

Top 10 Android Tips to every Android User

Are you having Android smartphone or Tablet? Then here is the Top 10 Android Tips to every Android users which will be very useful for your android devices. Here are the top 10 tips for android owners which you should follow. These android tips can be slightly change because of different android versions but with different options and settings, all android users can achieve these top 10 tips for your android devices.

1 Install Antivirus Apps

In just few clicks, hackers can steal all yours personal information from your android devices. So all android users need to make your android devices secure. Among top 10 android tips, the first one is to install best mobile security app for your android devices by all android users.

2 Set Up a Passcode

Your android devices having personal and other critical information’s which hackers love to steal from android users. So to stop this activity, you need to set a strong code for your android devices. You should set automatic lock for your android devices and other cool codes like: dot patterns, face and voice, images etc.

3 Save Battery Life

On your android devices, screen brightness is set to default property. But this tip doesn’t going to work for all gadgets. All android users should set the brightness manually. It’s the best tip for saving your battery. All android users can use screen time option to make your screen shut off when gadgets are not in use.

4 Take a Screenshot

Many of you and other android users, doesn’t know how to take screen shot using your android devices without using any apps. Because of screen shot requirements, it’s one of the top 10 tips. For taking screen shot, you have to press power button and volume down button at the same time.

5 Monitor your data

You can keep track on your data usage and even restrict the data usage limit on your android devices. It’s an advice to all android users to turn on your “restrict background services” options, if you set data usage limit for your android devices. Using data limits, you will get alerts from your android device to save you from extra cost.

6 Enable or Disable landscape view  

It can be annoying to android users, when their android devices screen rotates while browsing or writing a message. It’s sometime flexible to switch between landscape and portrait view. But while doing some urgent work or important work, you can uncheck “auto rotate screen” options from your android devices.

7 Download Essential apps

There are numerous apps at google play store which you can download for your android devices. But it can be good for you, if you will download only necessary apps. For daily activity, android users can install calendar and reminder apps, while travelling you can download travel apps, weather checking apps etc.

8 Uninstall Accidental apps

If you have accidently installed wrong apps on your android device, then you should remove such unwanted apps. All android users just have to go to “settings” -> “application manager” and tap on app and after that press uninstall button. You can use some cleaner apps for your android devices to save your memory.

9 Find your lost or stolen android devices

Android device manager can be one of the best android app for your android devices. All android users can find their lost android devices using GPS. Using android device manager, you can lock your gadget, can display a message on the locked screen or find your lost gadget by giving a ring at full volume. If you forget to lock your smartphone, you can lock it remotely by a new password using this android app.

10 Speed up your android smartphone

Sometimes your android devices gets slow down or you need some memory space to install new apps. In such case, all android users need some cleaning apps to throw out their wasteful data to gain some valuable space and increase your android device performance. These cleaner apps will delete browsing and apps cache data from your android devices to increase the speed up and gain some memory space.

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