Top 10 Content Writing Skills – Every Writer Should Know

Top 10 Content Writing Skills – Every Writer Should Know

Someone truly said that: “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” Yes guys to be a writer you first need to be yourself. Today in this world of internet where there are millions and billions of sites available out there it’s very important, what content you post on your site. “CONTENT IS A KING.” If no good or sensible content is posted on your official or blogging websites than traffic will suffer.

Writers should always be quick on their toes and continue to polish their skills. Some are lucky enough to have this talent, while others have to work on it.

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Top 10 Content writing tips

These tips will make you to understand the most common skill that how content writers whether they are new to trade, can improve their skills.


Practice, practice and practice. Mark Twain said that:”Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” Practice makes man perfect. Make writing your habit. The more you write, the more you improve your style and efficiency. It improves your language, sentence formation and writing skills. Good writers don’t just wake up one day and find that they are good at writing. So practice.

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Just ask yourself “Do you love to read any content that have lots of error and inaccuracy in it”. Answers comes no. No one is perfect and thus don’t expect your work to be perfect. Even though you are an experienced writer, he or she is a human and will make blunders in his or her work. Mistakes tend to shift spotlight from message onto the error, something that should not happen especially if you are writing for big websites. So it is better to check the minor errors before the content is published to avoid mistakes you can’t correct later.


Now a day no one have time to read out thousand of words. Everyone needs useful yet complete information in short time. So take efforts to write short, accurate and precise content. Making content too long will make it boring and time consuming too. Meaningful, brief and simple content is always appreciated.


Even if you are a master of literature and English it doesn’t mean your basics are always right. A grammatical mistake is a big no no in content writing business. Easy and simple grammatical language helps the reader to connect to the content easily. Small errors, like a punctuation mistakes or a spelling mistake can spoil the meaning of sentence.


No one feels good when rejected. It is difficult to accept criticism. But the fact is that after a little bit of rejection and criticism, one can improve immensely. If he/she carefully listens to feedback of readers, he or she can write content differently next time. But guys do not feel aback and think to leave writing because of criticism as even “Rome was not built in a day.” So to achieve something, work hard next time.


Another technique to impress your readers is to start a post with some beautiful quotation. This way you pass on the main idea of discussing the article to your readers.


In order to attract readers to your content, use pictures and videos. You will always be able to get better rank if you add useful stuff to your content like graphics. But remember one thing don’t overflow your matter with pictures instead of words because than readers can’t get what you want to convey to them through article.


No one loves to read a same kind of matter again and again. This means for a fresh and good content you should have a good source of idea, knowledge and research resources at hand. Moreover be like a chameleon means write in different styles and tones of voice according to the topic provided to you.


When you choose a book from a library or when you are reading a newspaper, what draws your attention the most? I suppose “The Title.” A title is everything. It doesn’t matter how great the piece itself is, without a great title no one will bother enough to open and read it. Your title will give a hint to your readers that what they will find in your content. So choose your title wisely.


Now a day’s web content and social media sites goes hand in hand. A good content writer should know that how to engage with readers so that they share your post further for added exposure. Getting feedback, tweets and comments will held you to build a community and also it held you to know how much popular is your content among the readers.

Content Writing Skills

Yes, Top 10 Content Writing Skills – Every Writer Should Knowmatters and I recommend you read and practice for your effective content writing.

So here concluding on a note by Julio Cortazar: “Skill alone cannot teach or produce a great short story, which condenses the obsession of the creature; it is a hallucinatory presence manifest from the first sentence to fascinate the reader, to make him lose contact with the dull reality that surrounds him, submerging him in another that is more intense and compelling”.

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