Top Meme Generator Tools And Apps To Create Funny Memes Online

Create memes quickly and easily using these online memes generator and use for chatting to make the conversation interesting. These memes can be created online or there are apps that are designed to generate memes based on our interest. There are many online sites which freely helps you to create memes. Now many apps are available for free which helps in creating memes on Android and iOS.

Below are some of the online tools available online for generating memes.


Imgflip is one of the most popular and amazing online tools for generates the Meme online. In this platform, you can get some uploaded famous memes you can use those and put some text on it based upon to the memes. You can easily modify the meme and create it attractive. If you don’t get any suitable meme you can easily upload any of your favorite themes and edit them it on this platform and easily create a meme.

2. Makeameme:

Makeameme is another great meme generator for free. In this free online meme generator tools, you can get more existing memes and you can easily search any of your favorite memes and edit online, save it on your device, send to your friends and family. Easily search latest, best and other memes on this tool.

3. Quickmeme:

Quickmeme is one of the online meme generators; get newest and funny meme from this online platform. For using this platform you have to log in your account and then you can create your favorite meme and save it on your device, send it via social media with your friends and family. The best part of this platform is you can select and create a meme based upon your interest and easily to get it.

4. Meme Dad:

Meme Dad is amazing free online tool for generate and creative meme. This is also an online happy birthday meme generator; creative happy birthday meme to online on this tool. The best part of this tool is ad-free and watermark free is no any annoying ads on this platform.

5. Livememe:

Livememe is another amazing and free online meme generator tool. There is lots of collection of popular recurring viral characters. Firstly you have to select your favorite image and then after adding your favorite captions on it. Easily search on your favorite meme according to its category, get your favorite meme and edit it based upon to you.

6. Imgur:

Imgur is the best and popular meme generators online. In this platform, there is amazing drop-down selection menu that you can use to choose your favorite meme according to its popularity. You’re done and creating your image those images can be uploaded directly into Imgur so you can send it to others.

7. Meme Generator:

In this platform, you can create an awesome meme and save it on your device, share it on social media make it famous.

On you can also upload any of your famous images and create a meme and share it. You will sure to find the right image to express your funny remarks about reality. Find most popular meme and customize it for free online on this platform create a meme and share it, save.

8. Image Chef:

Image Chef is popular free online meme generator platform. Here you can create your own good amazing meme and save it on your device. The best part of this platform is you can use photo frame and also create some special icons like a sketchpad, baseball jersey, basketball jersey and others.

Funny Meme Generator Apps for Android and iOS

On Mobiles, we can create memes using specially available apps on different platforms. Most of these apps are made available for free. We can upload our images and we can edit them with text or any other image.

1. Instameme:

Instameme is the most popular free meme generator app for the android users. The part of this app is stroke size, a real-time text editor on your text size, color edit the image. Manage multiple objects as bring forward or send backward, Zoom in or out, Rotate, set as background. Easily to save design on your device, send it to your friends in social media applications

2. Rage Faces:

Rage Faces is one of the amazing free meme generator apps for the android mobile users. You can create amazing and best funny images and to edit real face of your friend replace face with amazing funny faces and enjoy it. This app is only for fun so you must enjoy on this app. This app allows sending rage faces to your friends, families, and enemies.

3. Funny Meme Generator:

There are more than hundreds of your popular memes on funny meme generator this app create amazing images from these hundreds of browsable memes share it with your friends, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, Drive, Snapchat, meme, Dropbox, and others. It easily creates meme from of your own images. Search your fav meme, short your favorite memes

The aboves are the tools and apps for making online memes based on the selection of yours. most of the meme generator are available for free we can download and sometimes we can upload our own image and edit it eith text or any other funny images.

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