Turn Your Selfie Into a Realistic 3D Avatar

insta3d animated 3d avatar - Turn Your Selfie Into a Realistic 3D Avatar

Insta3D allows the user to turn their selfie into a new realistic 3D Avatar.

Download Insta3D and cartoon yourself! Insta3D uses 3D animation generating technologies to turn your photo into a lively 3D avatar! This animation maker comes loaded with customizable features that add life to your personalized 3D animation

It’s easy to create a personal avatar on your phone with the Insta3D animation maker. Take a selfie or a photo of anyone’s face and transform them into a 3D animation in seconds! Rotate, zoom, and move the avatar in a full 3D view as you watch it come to life in full effect!

This app turns any picture of yourself into 3D avatar in seconds. You can even choose how they act on screen . Choose their facial expressions and watch how they dance, wave to you, strike poses and many more!.



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