WhatsApp desktop app: Guide to install and use

WhatsApp Windows 10 PCs and Mac OS X - WhatsApp desktop app: Guide to install and use

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application. This App is most useful to all users. The best thing about WhatsApp not only allows you to convey the messages. But also it allows you to share images videos files etc.

Nowadays WhatsApp has become the primary mode of communication for all users. We can use WhatsApp messenger application even your PC or Laptop. It will be very useful when we have issues with our smartphone.

This is why many people use WhatsApp web regularly. But that feature most requires you to open up your browser. Isn’t there a way to use WhatsApp on laptop or desktop computer without opening up any browser? Yes, there is.

         How to install and use WhatsApp desktop app

1.Visit WhatsApp web

Actually, WhatsApp web will work with chrome and Firefox and opera, safari browsers so please open a new any browser tab or window after then enter web.whatsapp.com in the address bar.

After that, you can see a QR code on your personal monitor. This code needs to be scanned from your phone so that you can activate and link your account.

2.Open WhatsApp on phone

Tap the WhatsApp on your phone. The app icon has the WhatsApp logo on it, the one with a phone inside a chat box

3.Access the WhatsApp web setting

Please tap the gear icon and settings button of your phone to access the main menu of the app. Tap on WhatsApp web from here. You can see in the box for scanning a QR code on your screen.

4.Scan the code

Point your phone to your monitor where the QR code is. Position the box to read the QR code. No need to tap or press anything. Once the QR code has been read, you will be logged into WhatApp web.

Reading messages

 1.View the WhatsApp web interface

The WhatsApp web interface is split into two panels. There left and right panel. The left panel contains all your messages or chats, very much like in your inbox and the right panel will search where your current chat stream is.

2.Select a message to read

The list of your messages is found in the left panel. Scroll through them, and click the one you want to like to read.

3.Read messages

The selected conversation will be displayed on the right panel via the chat window. You can scroll through the exchanges to read the past messages.


1.Select a contact

First, type the contact name with whom you want to talk to in the search field. The search field is found on the top of the left panel from the results, click on the name.

You can also continue a conversation from of your existing messages. Just select a message to continue chatting on as described in the reading messages section.

2.View the chat window

The chat window will appear in the right panel. The name or names of the people you are talking to are displayed on the header bar.

3.Send message

The message box is located on the bottom of the right panel. Type your message in message box. Please click enter button to send your message. You will see it displayed in the chat trail.

You can send a picture also with your message. To do this, click the clip icon on the header toolbar and click the image option. A file explorer window will appear. Use it to navigate through your computer and click on the picture you want to share.

You can also use emotions as part of your message. Click on smiley icon also right in front of the message box. There is a wide variety of smiley’s, icons, and pictures you can use. Click on the ones you want to use.

4.Read messages

All the messages exchanged during the conversation will be displayed in chat trail. Each message is tagged with the sender’s name and time stamp. Read through them as they appear.

Logging out of WhatsApp web

1.Delete a chat

If you don’t want to save your conversation you can delete it. While still in the chat window, click the button with three vertical dots on the header bar.

Then click. Delete chat from here. This is your choice if you don’t want to delete keep your conversation as part of your chat history.

2.Log out

Complete your work in WhatsApp web, click on the button with three vertical dots on the header bar on the left panel. Click log out from here. You will be logged out and brought back to the main WhatsApp we page with the QR code

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