Word Press Security Tips to Protect Your Website

wodpress security improve tips - Word Press Security Tips to Protect Your Website

It is very certain that word press has the biggest share of the limelight in the CMS market. From its wide array of a plug-in, simplistic user interface and dynamic support for various types of content word press have got all that you need to have a successful course of business in the online realm. However, its popularity itself has brought a lot of threats to many of its users.

Many hackers now a day’s target website that relies on word press as their content management system. From local coffee shop to large enterprises, an immense amount of valuable information like credit cards accounts and personal files are a phone to be hacked by cyber criminals if you are not cautious enough.

Fortunately, this article has the practical tips that can help you strengthen the security of your word press. If done right, these tips can surely be defined your website and make it a tough target for hackers.

Word Press Security Tips to Protect Your Website:

There are a few things you should put on the list when it comes to doing a routine check. Review these steps once a month or so should be enough to keep you safe.

We are going to be focusing on certain, key site areas. To some extent, a website is like the human body. If a certain part is damaged, it affects the whole system.

Update WordPress regularly:

With any new release, word press gets improved and security is improved too. Lots of bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed every time a new version comes out. Also, if any particularly malicious bug gets discovered, the word press core guys will take care of it right away, and force a new safe version promptly.

If you don’t update, you will be at risk. To update word press, you first need to go to your dashboard. At the top of the page, you’ll see an announcement every time a new version is out. Click to update and then click on the blue update now button.  It takes only a few seconds.

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Update your Themes and Plug-ins:

The same goes for a plug- ins and themes. You should update your current theme and the plug- in you have installed on your site. This helps you avoid vulnerabilities, bugs, and potential security breach points.

Just like it is with most software products, every once in a while certain plug-ins might get breached or security holes might be discovered in them. For example, in the past, plug-ins such as ninja forums and commerce were hit with quite nasty problems.

Let’s start with the plug-ins. Go to plug-ins/installed plug-ins the list of all your plug-ins will appear. If a certain plug-in is not its latest version, word press will let you know.1x1.trans - Word Press Security Tips to Protect Your Website

For example, I have two old plug-in versions, so all I need to do is click on update now under each one, and they will be ready in a few seconds.

To update your theme, go to appearance/themes, and you’ll see all your installed themes there. The outdated ones will be marked just like plug-ins were. Simply click on update now

Apart from updating every plug-in and theme, keep in mind to also remove the plug-ins and themes that you don’t use at the moment. Those are just unneeded weight. Consider this a bonus one among this word press security tips.

Back up your Site Regularly:

Backup your site is about creating a copy of all the sites data and stirring it somewhere safe. That way, you can restore the site from that backup copy in case anything bad happens.

To back up your site, you need a plug-in. there are lots of good backup solutions out here. For example, blog vault is one that we recommended. It’s affordable, easy to use, and takes care of everything for you. There also a free alternative, updraft plus.

Limit Login Attempts and Change your Password Often:

Don’t let your login from allowing unlimited username and password attempts because this is exactly what helps a hacker succeed. If you let them try an infinite number of times they will eventually discover your login data. Limiting the available attempts is the first thing you should do to prevent that.

1x1.trans - Word Press Security Tips to Protect Your Website

You can use certain specialized plug-ins to limit possible attempts. Word press has an automatic update feature from version 3.7 onwards. If you are unsure that you have the latest version, you can check at the official word press site.

WordPress is trending thing in recent times. It is used for every business, as it is easy to use and highly used CMS platform. Beside that it has many vulnerabilities like security issues. In order to safe run you need to follow the above said tips.

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